About Breakout Squad


Breakout Squad is committed to enhancing brand experience through music. The formation of Breakout Squad began in the early summer of 2012. At this moment three like-minded Djs who were passionate about the development of the party scene in Ottawa Ontario, Canada came together to create Breakout Squad. Breakout Squad continues to grow as more Djs and promoters with the same vision join the team and conduct various parties across the city. They don’t stop there; they are continuously teaming up with other DJ’s, Artists, Photographers and Promoters out there. It wasn’t long after they came together that word of their professionalism and ethics in the club industry quickly spread to other markets. Clients quickly recognized and felt Breakout Squads strong understanding of the Music Market and how to provide a product which is greater than music.


Breakout Squad lifestyle is made up of many influences; a mash-up of culture; freedom of expression and equality. Although all the members are strong individually, they have come together with a shared passion and a strong spirit of self-expression through music, art and fashion. Partying is their business. They have partnered up with some of the best promoters in Ottawa to allow all followings to come together to experience a brand new night every time. Despite their good looks and charming ways to get you to party with them, the most important reason for you to party with them is because they know how to throw one hell of a party! Whether you are looking to party this weekend, next weekend, or every weekend, it is suggested you follow these guys around to experience a night like no other. They will have you talking about “last night” for nights to come.


Make sure you arrive well rested because when these guys Dj they mean business.

#WeOutHere #NoBs