Harley Jean-Baptiste was born on the day of the Irish, March 17th 1994, in one of the biggest metropolitan cities in North-America. The sexiest metropolitan city in Canada, Montreal.Hwayz

From the time he was a young, Harley expressed strong people skills and had the ability to walk into a room and put a smile on everyone’s face. We’ve all been to those family gatherings where we discover long lost cousins we never knew we had, and Harley is no different. Having met cousins from the states for the first time, they were amazed at how he possessed the ability to get anything him and his cousins wanted. Harley became the unofficial spokesperson for his age group of the family. It was constantly said that “life will always go H’s way”, thus his cousins branded him with his iconic name HWAYZ or Wayz.

After aiding with the growth of one of Ottawa’s most anticipated venues, Harley was walking around downtown handing out flyers, talking to people he never met before and convincing them to come to his parties. On the search of bigger and better, he met fellow promoter Sekouba who knew that Harley would be a great addition to the team. In January of 2014 HWayz was added to Ottawa’s infamous party crew – Breakout Squad.
Not only does he believe that people should have an extraordinary experience despite the venue, day of the week, weather or increasing gas prices- Harley believes they should be able to remember them. What better way to re-live an amazing night than having pictures to look back on? Harley believes that mainstream pictures are too predictable and one-dimensional. His unique photography style incorporates his artistic taste. Harley believes that sometimes capturing the moment is better than just capturing the face.
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