Often referred to as “The Party Guy”, Sekouba a.k.a Prince Camara is the name. Sekouba was born in Africa raised in America andsekouba now a legendary promoter here in the National Capital.

His passion for music and entertainment grew with him from a very young age. If you recall, at the age of ten most of us were playing Nintendo or watching cartoons, Sekouba on the other hand was an exception; his love for music had him riding around on his bike handing out flyers for his house parties.

If you know Sekouba, you know that his greatest achievement is watching others having a remarkable time. He will go above and beyond for his events and patrons to ensure it is the best night of your life. Selflessly he teams up with some of the best Dj’s and venues and creates a night you will never forget. He has thrown parties in numerous cities and is forever coming up with new fresh ideas. Sekouba always has the answer to the questions like “What’s good tonight? Where can I hear urban music? Top 40? Do you know if my ex will be out tonight?” He is your go-to-guy for all your party needs.

Whether you are looking for bottle service, VIP passes, or line by-pass, he is the man that will do everything possible to ensure you have the time of your life! Sekouba offers all of these perks to all patrons wishing to experience a memorable night out.

Sekouba a.k.a. Prince Camara, however, is only one man and cannot do this alone. To ensure a breath-taking evening, the best will always work together. Ottawa’s nightlife is continuously being blessed with the blending of Breakout Squad and Sekouba a.k.a Prince Camara. Together they promise to always bring monumental moments to Ottawa, so buckle up and enjoy every second.

If you want to see how simple it is to enjoy a night out in Ottawa, contact Sekouba. Don’t forget to follow him on all social networks to stay up-to-date with the hottest parties.

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