Dj UpAndGone

Born and raised in Ottawa, Travis Turner locally known as DJ UpN’Gone has always been around and involved with music.  From teaching himself how to play the keyboard at the age of 8, to learning how to play the drums, from writing and singing his own original songs, to producing and making beats. Travis has always had a natural gift and love for music.


It wasn’t until the year of 2010 that he accidently downloaded Virtual DJ, trying to find new recording software to record and produce his music. Little did he know, that was the start to his DJ career. Travis started investing a bit of his time learning about the software, downloading different genres and types of music, teaching himself how to mix and later on once comfortable with Virtual DJ, creating mixes that ranged from Dancehall to Hip-Hop.


After a few of his friends heard some of his mixes, they soon started to ask for him to DJ for their summer house parties, BBQ’s and friends and family gatherings. Between his starting point in 2010 to 2012, Travis has been taking what used to be his favorite past time, turning it into the beginning of his DJ career after being introduced to Serato DJ and buying his first DJ controller. The Numark Mixdeck Express. Travis then decided it was time for a stage name and started referring to himself as DJ Flamez. Once his music library grew, he started to advertise himself as a local underground DJ to play only at house parties and birthday jams.


In the year of 2014, Travis decided to take his DJ career a bit more seriously, charging people for gigs, investing more and more of his time into creating mixes and getting more locally known around Ottawa. Travis then decided that it was time to change his name from DJ Flamez to something a bit more original and gave himself the name of DJ UpNGone.  It was also the year that Travis bought his first complete set of turntables and was introduced to another locally known DJ known as DJ Roc Steady. Under the mentorship of Roc Steady, Travis began to better himself at mixing, using turntables rather than a DJ controller and was introduced to the art of scratching.


Since then, Travis has received opportunity after opportunity and has been asked to play at different clubs, high school dances, venues and events around Ottawa. A few clubs to name include La Discoteka, Ritual, Multi Social Room, and City Night club. In the present year of 2015, Travis had the opportunity to join one of Ottawa’s most upcoming and successful media groups. The Breakout Squad! Impressing all 4 veteran DJ’s with his audition mix, at the age of 21, Travis was given the opportunity to join The Breakout Squad family and was given a position to DJ on Friday nights at PPL Night Club. As he goes along through his DJ career, he is still learning about what it means to be a DJ, still learning how to master the art of mixing and scratching under the mentorship of DJ TDOT, DJ Critik, DJ Philkid, DJ Fusion as well as DJ Roc Steady. As Travis doesn’t have a preferred sound yet, his Jamaican background pulls him to wanting to have more of a dancehall/reggae and SoCa sound, but his love for RNB and Hip-Hop pulls him the other way.


Throughout his career until now, Travis believes in giving you the best experience as well as playing music in a way that will have you wanting more and more each time you listen to him. “Music is what I do. After I’m done my set, I want you to walk away from the party saying DAMN, that was FIRE!!”