Enock “Knocks” Shikongo is one of the most recent additions to Break Out Squad, but has known the original members since childhood. Known to have a way with words, Knocks has always been the unofficial promoter for his friends who began holding their own parties in thknockseir early teenage years.

As he matured, his passion for the intricacies of the industry would develop. At the age of 16, he would “assist” dj’s with carrying their equipment into 19+ clubs. Because he was under aged, once inside, he would attempt to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Even though there were times he would be escorted out, he became such a regular on the scene at various clubs the staff eventually allowed him to attend as if he worked there.

Even though Knocks can be very quiet and reserved, he possesses a keen drive, sharp eye, and dedicated work ethic. His most notable accolade is being one of the initial directors for the Ottawa African Festival. During his tenor, he oversaw all aspects of running the festival, but received the most gratification from dealing with the artists (both local and international).

For a few years he took a break from all of his events and would attend such functions merely as a patron. He has since recently rejoined with his childhood friends who have quickly developed a name for themselves. It seemed only right that one of the city’s most prominent promoters join one of the city’s most dominant teams. Knocks is now back in full force to promote, host, and ensure people have a good time.

“When people come out I want them to be as instrumental to my night as I might be to theirs. It’s all about interaction. This is more than just promoting”.